Causative Classification System for Ischemic Stroke (CCS)

Case ID Date

Age Sex Race

1. Clinical evaluation (check all that apply)

2. Imaging evaluation of the brain (check all that apply)

3. Imaging evaluation of the cerebral vasculature (check all that apply)

4. Cardiac evaluation (check all that apply)

5. Evaluation for diagnosis of other (uncommon) causes of stroke (check all that apply)


Causative Subtype Phenotypic Subtype
A. Supra-aortic large artery atherosclerosis: evident probable possible
B. Cardio-aortic embolism: evident probable possible
C. Small artery occlusion: evident probable possible
D. Other causes: evident probable possible
E. Undetermined causes: unknown - cryptogenic embolism unknown - other cryptogenic unknown - incomplete evaluation unclassified
Large Artery
Cardiac Emboli

CCS_pie_legend_level4_major.pngmajor    CCS_pie_legend_level3_minor.pngminor    CCS_pie_legend_level2_absent.pngabsent    CCS_pie_legend_level1_incomplete.pngincomplete evaluation   

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